News Releases

7/22/2014 - Citizen Boards' Volunteers Needed

Contact: Miki Orr-Muths
City Clerk Office



The City of Salina is currently accepting expression of interest forms for vacancies that currently or will soon exist on the following citizen boards, commissions and committees:

 Accessibility Advisory Board
 Persons with disabilities
 Animal Control Advisory and Appeals Board
 Board of Zoning Appeals
 Building Advisory Board
     Plumbing Contractor
     A/B Contractor
 Business Improvement District No. 1 Design Review Board
    Design Professional
    Citizen-at-large for City of Salina
 Community Art and Design Advisory Committee
 Disciplinary Advisory Board
 Heritage Commission
     Urban Planner
 Human Relations Commission
     Ethnic or minority group
 Salina Economic Development Incentives Council
    Citizen-at-large for City of Salina
 Solid Waste Management Committee
     Citizen-at-large for City of Salina
     Citizen-at-large for Saline County
     Citizen-at-large for 3rd class city

In addition, the City of Salina is looking for youth to be a part of the Youth on Boards program.  This program allows for individuals between the ages of 15-20 attending a secondary- or post-secondary school to serve on certain boards that are noted above.

If you are interested in serving the community by becoming a member of one of these boards, commissions or committees, you are asked to fill out a short expression-of-interest form. To be considered for the above appointments, return a completed expression-of-interest form to the City Clerk’s Office by August 15, 2014.  An expression-of-interest form or more information may be obtained at the City of Salina website,, by visiting the City Clerk’s Office, 300 W. Ash, Room 206, or by calling (785) 309-5735. PLEASE RESPOND BY AUGUST 8, 2014