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3/6/2014 - Response to Salina Journal Article

Contact: Jason A. Gage
City Manager

                                                                           RESPONSE TO SALINA JOURNAL ARTICLE

A February 20, 2014 article in the Salina Journal contained excerpts from a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Jayden Hicks family.  The excerpts appear to be quoting statements attributed to the City Electrician that could be interpreted out of context to suggest that he was aware prior to the incident that the sealed, subsurface electrical junction box was not grounded.  At the time of the incident, the City Electrician had been a City employee for less than five years and had not been assigned to the downtown electrical/lighting system prior to the incident.  The sealed, subsurface electrical junction box was installed in 1987 by an independent contractor as part of the downtown renovation project completed at that time.