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2/11/2014 - Horizons Arts Project Grants Awarded

Contact: Sharon Benson, Arts Education Coordinator
Arts and Humanities

Horizons Arts Project Grants Awarded

Horizons Organizational Project grants were recently awarded to four Salina cultural agencies through the Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation. These grants support initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to artistic excellence and community involvement by engaging audience members as active participants.  Applicants also are encouraged to develop strategic partnerships to strengthen the reach of their local activities.

The Salina Arts Center will receive $5,500 for a three-component project entitled “Healing Threads:  Veterans, Art and Community.”  The project will bring together local veterans, their families and the community to share the transformative power of art. It includes 1) a creative workshop for veterans involving handmade papermaking using their service uniforms, ceramics and creative writing; 2) a film festival featuring documentaries that address veteran’s issues; and 3) a contemporary-art exhibition by veterans as artists.  The project’s goal is to provide healing for soldiers and civilians while generating a conversation to foster greater understanding of collective experiences.

Salina Community Theatre will use its award of $5,000 to support community outreach and post-performance discussion of the subject matter of the play “Clybourne Park,” including the issues of race, economics, community, neighborhood transition and the changing face of city demographics and gentrification. A focus on these subjects will increase outreach to diverse populations through David Norris’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

The Salina Symphony, also awarded $5,000, will partner with local choreographer Peggy Simms and the Iron Street Dance Company for a collaborative project as the central theme of the Symphony concert in March 2015 as well as an outreach concert for area fourth-grade students. Performances will be a fusion of classical music and contemporary dance, featuring American classics such as Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” and Copland’s “Hoe-Down” from the ballet “Rodeo.”  This collage of American music features central characters who tell a story through music and dance. 
                                                                                                                                                      With an award of $4,500, Rolling Hills Zoo will present “American Adventure 1607,” an interactive exhibit in which visitors live American history by tackling real-life decisions through role play to see their immediate impact, and to discover the connection between nature and human survival.  By exploring a maze emulating Jamestown circa 1607, participants will encounter four Season Galleries where they can engage in hands-on activities and make choices relevant to each climate, revealing how everyday decisions and interaction with the environment can be a matter of life and death. 

The Horizons Grants Program is funded by private individuals and businesses that provide grant dollars for the development of the cultural life of Saline County.  The Horizons Organizational Project Grants category was established by Salina Arts & Humanities in 1985.  Through the Horizons Grants Program’s history, more than $2,501,244 has been awarded for projects involving over 589,490 participants.  

Salina Arts & Humanities, a department of the City of Salina, has served a unique role in arts advocacy and support since 1966.  The Smoky Hill River Festival, Horizons Grants Program, Smoky Hill Museum, Arts Infusion Program in schools, Community Art & Design, Cultural Connections, and Art a la Carte concert series are among the programs of Salina Arts & Humanities, located at 211 W. Iron Avenue in Salina.