News Releases

1/30/2014 - City recognizes first "Green Belt"

Contact: Jason A. Gage
City Manager


Salina City Manager Jason Gage recognized Lieutenant Sean Morton with the Salina Police Department as the City of Salina’s first employee to complete “Green Belt” certification. 

The certification is a component of the City’s Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) initiative, which includes Lean and Six Sigma components. The objective is to improve performance by improving efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to completing an intensive training course and passing an exam, Lt. Morton identified and assisted in implementing projects that save money and reduce workload for employees.

Lt. Morton credited the techniques learned in the Continuous Process Improvement program. “CPI has taught me to analyze job processes and work environments in order to make them more efficient and reduce errors. This in turn provides better customer service to our citizens and reduces spending costs”.

The City of Salina implemented the program in 2012 and anticipates that several employees will receive certification in 2014.