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7/15/2013 - Commission backs out of health department partnership
Salina Newsletter

City backs out of health department agreement with county

Citing problems with reaching an agreement regarding the Salina/Saline County Health Department building – which has been unused for over a year because of structural problems – the Salina City commission voted 5-0 on Monday to pull out of the 57-year-old city/county Board of Health.

“Efforts over the last few months by City and County governing bodies to remedy the issue have not yet resulted in an agreement,” City Manager Jason Gage wrote in a memo requesting action from the city commission. “The lack of agreement has compromised a timely approach to the matter and raised questions about other provisions of the joint resolution.”

The health department building has been vacant for more than a year after being declared a dangerous structure by the city building official. The county owns the building, and the agreement with the city calls for it to handle maintenance costs.

City and county commissioners have been in disagreement about how to address the problem. City commissioners have advocated for a new building, while county commissioners have suggested paying the $1 million to repair the 100-year-old building’s faulty roof or purchase and renovate a vacant building downtown.