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1/7/2013 - Commission approves Capital Improvement Plan
Salina Newsletter

Commission approves Capital Improvement Plan

     The Salina City Commission voted 5-0 on Monday to approve a 2012-2017 Capital Improvement Plan that includes more than $2.7 million earmarked for street repairs in 2013.

     The five-year CIP includes: $4 million for waterline improvements; $810,000 for the design of a massive upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant; $200,000 for wayfinding signage; $375,000 for improvements that are necessary to keep the flood-control levy FEMA certified; $3.1 million for downtown lighting; $650,000 for improvements to the Cloud/Ninth intersection; $8.7 million for Bicentennial Center improvements; and $4.3 million to increase the supply capacity of the downtown water well field.