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5/18/2022 - Mayor Davis' Remarks at Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony

The following are remarks made by Mayor Dr. Trent Davis, M.D. at the Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony held at Jerry Ivey Park on Wednesday, May 18th:

“The job title: Law Enforcement Officer. The job requirements: Watchman, supervisor, director, counselor, sympathizer, consoler, mentor, improviser, strategist, negotiator, gentle yet persuasive, athlete, unafraid, and generally, Superman. We ask them to give 110% all the time, no matter what side of the bed they get out of in the morning. We ask for respect for everyone, knowing that not everyone woke up with good in their heart that day. We ask for full concentration, even when their middle school aged child’s science project is due in 24 hours. We ask them to walk lightly but carry a big stick, yet also in a split second to balance “innocent ‘til proven guilty” with “probable cause” with “implicit bias” with “reasonable force” and, most importantly with “self-preservation.” In the 2000’s, we’ve asked them to learn that concepts of “Cultural Competency”, “Bias Awareness”, and “De-escalation” can potentially save more lives than marksmanship. Yet, we ask them to accept being relatively defenseless against the first strike of unprovoked and unexpected aggressive actions. We expect these brave people, whose dreams and fears are no different from our own, to fill out the uniform and wear the badge to accept the risk that a routine day at the office can dash the future plans they share with their own family. We forget their real names: Honey, Sweetheart, Coach, Daddy, Mommy, Sis, Brother, Son, Daughter. It is difficult to express the full gratitude we owe the families of the officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for Salina, Saline County, and the State of Kansas. Let us not forget the obligation we have to prepare and provide our current officers with the tools, talents, and cooperation to assure that each one makes it home safely to his or her family every night. Salina and Saline County: thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”