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6/24/2013 - New Property Maintenance Code for City of Salina
New Property Maintenance Code
for City of Salina

The Salina City Commission has adopted a new Property Maintenance Code. The effective date for enforcement of this code is July 22, 2013.

This code is a revised and consolidated version of property maintenance and minimum housing code requirements that are currently in existence in several different chapters of the municipal code; with some new requirements.

This code will be located in Chapter 31 of the Salina Municipal Code. A copy of the complete code can be obtained from the City of Salina website.  Go to and click on the link on the main page.

The Property Maintenance Code specifies requirements and responsibilities of all property owners (commercial, residential, industrial & institutional) who are owner/occupants, owners of rental/lease properties, and also responsibilities of the tenants of those properties.

The following is a general summary of the types of property maintenance items contained in the property maintenance code.
(This list is not representative of all of the requirements contained in the code).

1. Exterior Property Areas:

a. The current code requires grass to be maintained at a height less than 12 inches. The new code requires grass to be maintained at a height of less than eight (8) inches.
b. Sanitation
c. Rubbish/garbage
d. Grading and drainage
e. Sidewalks and driveways
f. Maintenance of sheds, detached garages, fences
g. Maintaining grass/vegetation
h. Graffiti

2. Maintenance of the exterior of a structure (residential use and commercial use buildings/structures), and includes:
a. Overhangs
b. Paint, siding
c. Masonry joints
d. Foundation systems
e. Roofing & roof drainage
f. Flooring
g. Stairs, decks, balconies
h. Chimneys
i. Handrails, guardrails
j. Window glazing

3. Maintenance of the interior of the structure

a. Stairs, doors, handrails, structural members
b. Electrical facilities and equipment
c. Plumbing facilities
d. Mechanical equipment
e. Light and ventilation
f. Grease interceptors
g. Duct systems
h. Means of egress

In general, the responsibility of a property owner is to maintain structures and the exterior property in compliance with the code requirements.

The Development Services staff of inspectors and code enforcement officers enforces the property maintenance code. Staff works with property owners and tenants with a goal of obtaining voluntary compliance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Development Services Department at 785-309-5715 or 785-309-5720.





Gary Hobbie
Development Services Dept.


June 24, 2013











































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