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7/16/2020 - City Commissioner Appointed to Kansas African American Affairs Commission
City Commissioner Trent Davis was recently appointed as a member of the Kansas African American Affairs Commission (KAAAC).

The KAAAC addresses issues of equity for African Americans and serves as a conduit for programs, legislation, grants, research, and policy advice for state and local organizations in addressing concerns that are unique to the African American community in the State of Kansas.

The goals and objectives of the KAAAC are to:

• Gather and disseminate information on legislation and public policy issues of concern in the African American community.
• Communicate the public policy concerns of African Americans to state officials and business leaders.
• Provide advice and assistance in the development of public policy and legislation that will affect the lives of African Americans.
• Create effective partnerships with each state agency and the agency leadership.
• Communicate with the African American community regarding state agency programs and objectives.
• Ascertain the effectiveness of existing programs and propose new legislation or programs when necessary.
• Collaborate with state and community partners to provide programming in the areas of education, employment, health, business development and social services throughout the state.
• Collaborate with the corporate community to fund programming to address public policy concerns.
• Collaborate with and secure funding from private foundations to address public policy concern

The KAAAC is a seven member body with members appointed by the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Senate Minority Leader, the Speaker of the House and the House Minority Leader.

For additional information about the KAAAC, visit or call
(785) 296-4874.