News Releases

1/11/2019 - 48% Decrease in False Alarm Calls due to Enacted Ordinance

In an effort to maximize resources and allow police officers to respond to true emergencies without distraction and potential delay, the City of Salina Police Department enacted an ordinance on January 1, 2016 to reduce burglar, panic and robbery system false alarm calls. The ordinance was in response to the fact that 99 percent of the approximately 2,000 alarm calls received annually were false. Since each alarm call requires two officers, the department spend over 1,600 hours annually responding to false alarms.

One year after the implementation of the ordinance, two office response calls decreased by 37 percent, and to date there has been a 48 percent reduction. The reduction of approximately 958 (80/month) needless calls for service that did not result in a police response has freed up officers for proactive enforcement and/or community policing activities.

For further information about the Police Department's False Alarm Ordinance, contact Chief of Police Brad Nelson at (785) 826-7210. To view the ordinance, fees, and tips on how to reduce false alarms, visit