News Releases

12/21/2018 - City Commission Names New City Manager

The Salina City Commission has announced its hiring of Mike Schrage as the next Salina City Manager.

Mr. Schrage has served Salina for 13 years. He held the role of Deputy City Manager for 12.5 years and has been the interim since June. His previous public sector experience includes 12 years as City Administrator in Smithville, Missouri and 2.5 years in Maysville, Missouri. Mr. Schrage holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Northeast Missouri State University and obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Wichita State University.

Mayor Ryan said that he is thankful to all of the individuals involved in this process and all of the candidates interested in our city. “The entire Commission agrees that Mike has done a superlative job throughout his time as deputy and interim, and we’re confident he will take Salina forward in the future.”  

Mr. Schrage shared, “People who know me know that I view serving in city management as a public service calling beyond it just being a job. Being able to serve as the city manager of the community that my family sincerely calls home, combined with the transformational projects that are taking shape in Salina right now, are tremendous opportunities that few managers are lucky enough to experience over an entire career in city management. I am very humbled to have been selected to serve as Salina’s next city manager.”  

The contract will be approved at the January 7, 2019 City Commission meeting.