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10/26/2018 - Kansas Forts & Bases, a First Thursday Presentation

A Kansas fort on the horizon might be the difference between hope and despair, or life and death for many pioneers. Join Debra Goodrich as she guides you through the history of forts and bases, from the first fort in 1744 to the quiet fields of Cold War missile silos. She'll discuss the variety, purposes, fates and people of many forts, using vivid first person accounts. Goodrich is the president of the Civil War Roundtable of Eastern Kansas, an author and has appeared in many documentaries on various history topics. She'll also be on hand to sign copies of her books including, Kansas Forts & Bases: Sentinels on the Prairie.

This free presentation is hosted by the Smoky Hill Museum on Thursday, November 1, from 5:30-6:30 p.m.


The Smoky Hill Museum is a nationally accredited history museum, in the heart of downtown Salina, Kansas. This FREE museum is open Tuesday-Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-5. Also, be sure to stop by the Museum Store for a wide variety of regional and Kansas products, local artwork and gifts for all ages.