News Releases

9/12/2018 - North Ninth Street Improvements

The recently paved four-lane roadway of North Ninth Street from Pacific Avenue to Euclid Avenue will be restriped as a two-lane roadway with allowable on-street parking. North Salina Community Development has met with City staff and voiced concerns with this section of four-lane street due to perceived excessive vehicle speeds and difficulty with pedestrians being able to cross Ninth Street. Striping the roadway as a two-lane and allowing on-street parking will be done under a trial period for further review. Allowing on-street parking should slow traffic down, and reducing the number of active lanes should make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street. A speed study will be performed later this fall following completion of the sidewalk replacement project in this location. A public meeting will be scheduled later this year to share results of the study and to receive comments on the number of traffic lanes on North Ninth Street.

The five-lane section of North Ninth Street from Ash Street to Elm Street will be restriped as a three-lane roadway with allowable on-street parking. These changes are being made to allow for more on-street parking near the City-County Building and Salina Public Library.

Questions, comments or concerns with these new traffic configurations may be made to the Director of Public Works, Jim L. Kowach, P.E. at (785) 309-5725 or at