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9/7/2018 - Santa Fe Avenue Streetscape & Waterline Work Update (Ash Street to Elm Street)

Beginning Monday, September 10, Smoky Hill Construction will be closing northbound Santa Fe between Ash Street and Elm Street. The Streetscape and Waterline work proposed for this is shown on the attached maps and further described as follows:

  • Traffic control will continue to allow southbound one-way traffic in the block from Ash to Elm. Northbound traffic will be detoured east on Ash Street, north on 5th Street for 1 block to Elm Street, and back west to Santa Fe along Elm (sheet 6);
  • Contractor will begin removals of curb, sidewalk and street pavement and parking areas on the south side of Elm and east half of Santa Fe to facilitate installation of a new water main and storm sewers. Temporary walkways and signage will be installed and coordinated with business owners to maintain access to doors;
  • Contractor will also be closing eastbound Elm Street crossing Santa Fe. Eastbound traffic will still be able to turn right onto Santa Fe northbound. Westbound Elm Street will be unaffected (sheet 6);
  • The traffic signal at 7th Street and Iron Avenue has been placed on flashing red until such time as it is removed and relocated to the intersection of Ash Street and Santa Fe Avenue. It will then become a permanent 4-way stop intersection;
  • The Ash Street and Santa Fe intersection will remain open eastbound and westbound (sheet 6). The contractor is removing pavement at each corner to facilitate the installation of the relocated traffic signal from 7th and Iron;
  • The Mulberry Street / Santa Fe Avenue intersection is now open on the east side for both westbound and eastbound traffic (sheet 2);
  • Contractor continues to work between Mulberry and Walnut finishing the brickwork in the center lane. The street paving is nearly complete and the parking area paving remains. Sidewalks and planters will begin being replaced next week as well.

The attached maps also show the parking areas, vehicle access lanes, and pedestrian paths for visitors and customers to navigate around the area. Pedestrian access to all storefronts is still available even though the Santa Fe Avenue street parking is disrupted. Plenty of downtown parking exists in the public parking lots and along Fifth Street and Seventh Street.

Sheet 2
Sheet 6