News Releases

7/11/2018 - Mulberry Bridge Painting Commences

On Thursday, July 12th, Lindner Painting of Lincoln, Nebraska will begin repainting the rails of the Mulberry Street Bridge just west of Oakdale Park.

The 21 year old bridge remains in very good structural condition, but the paint on the steel rails has suffered normal wear and must be replaced to protect the structure and enhance its appearance.

Elements to be repainted include the steel rails on both sides of the pedestrian paths and the light poles. The existing green paint will be replaced with black paint much like that of other bridges in town, including the Iron Avenue Bridge west of Marymount Road, the Greeley Avenue Bridge west of Ohio Street, and the Lakewood Park Bridge north of Iron Avenue.

In contrast with the 2017 project where the Iron Avenue Bridge rails were painted essentially in-place, Lindner will remove these rails and paint them at a remote location. The pedestrian walkways will be open while the inside rails are being painted, but will be closed while the outer rails are being painted. At this time, the contractor does not plan to close the bridge to vehicular traffic.

The $82,400 project is part of the City of Salina's $4.7 million 2018 street maintenance program.