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6/5/2018 - Salina Parks & Recreation Draft Master Plan Complete

The City of Salina Parks and Recreation Draft Master Plan is complete and available online at

The purpose of the Master Plan is to set goals and benchmarks for the future of parks and sports facilities. The overall vision of the Master Plan is to improve the spaces where community members go to make connections, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in recreational activities.

The plan process includes independent analysis of parks and facilities, programming, agreements with outside agencies, staff interviews, public input meetings, and public surveys.

The final plan will show strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, it will evaluate fees to make sure they are appropriate for the community, sufficient to cover maintenance, and address future parks or facilities' needs. Recommendations will then be made to the City Commission based on citizen preferences, needs, and citizen access to quality parks and facilities.

For more information, contact Chris Cotten, Parks and Recreation Department Director at (785) 309-5765.