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9/8/2016 - Improvements to Begin at Lakewood Park Lake

Contact: Brian Underwood
(785) 826-7335

Improvements to Begin at Lakewood Park Lake

The City of Salina Parks and Recreation Department, along with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP), take pride in providing Salina and surrounding areas with a community fishing experience at Lakewood Park Lake. The lake is an important part of our wildlife needs, and provides citizens with many outdoor opportunities.

Therefore, the Salina Parks and Recreation Department applied for a grant provided by the KDWP’s Community Fisheries Assistance Program (CFAP) to improve fishing access and a healthier fish population at the lake. The grant was approved.

*Update of Lakewood Park Lake fisheries reclamation*

To ensure a quality fishing experience for all anglers, the reclamation of fish will occur September 11 -30. The purpose of the reclamation period is to allow anglers to remove as many desirable fish as possible. This process will start with a public notification of the procedures that would be mandated by the KDWP fisheries biologist. The creel and length limits will not be enforced during this time.

October 1-October 31, access to fishing at the lake will be suspended to all anglers, and fish removal will begin under the supervision of the KDWP. While access is suspended, fish that are present along the shore or in the water are not allowed to be taken. The fish will be disposed of properly.

New life for the lake will start in the latter part of October with a fresh stocking of bluegill. Bass and catfish will be stocked in the spring. This staggered time will allow the bluegill population to grow and establish themselves. Rainbow Trout will also be stocked, with the season starting on schedule November 1. 

 Educational opportunities

Lakewood Park employees invite citizens to learn more about this important process and witness some of the determining factors that spurred these actions. Tuesday, September 27 at 5 p.m., Bryan Sowards, the regional fisheries biologist, will demonstrate some of the techniques that biologists use to sample and document fisheries health and population. He will answer questions and explain some of the details of fisheries management.

Anglers of all ages are invited to attend Lakewood Park’s fall trout fishing clinic. This free event will be held at Lakewood Discovery Center on November 1   (first day of trout season) at 5 p.m. To fish for trout, anglers ages 16-64 must have a trout stamp, which can be purchased anywhere a regular fishing license is sold.
To reserve a spot, call Lakewood Discovery Center at (785) 826-7335.

 Important Dates to Remember

September 11-30-Fish regulations suspended for Lakewood Park lake

September 27– Educational night with KDWP fish demonstration 5 p.m.

October 1 – Fishing is suspended for the month of October, bluegill will be restocked

November-Trout arrive at Lakewood Park Lake and fishing will resume with current regulations