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7/12/2016 - Ordinance No. 16-10842 Permitted Uses in the C-4 District



BE IT ORDAINED by the governing body of the City of Salina, Kansas:

Section 1. Salina Code Section 42-302 is hereby amended to provide as follows:
Sec. 42-302. Permitted uses.

Permitted uses in the C-4 district are as follows:

Antique shops;
Apparel stores;
Appliance stores, sales and service;
Art galleries, libraries and museums;
Auditoriums and community theaters;
Automobile sales, rental and service, provided all displays of vehicles are within a completely enclosed building; provided however, that any such use with an outdoor display area in existence on January 8, 2000 shall be deemed to be a lawful nonconforming use;
Auto parts stores;
Banks and financial institutions;
Beauty shops;
Bicycle shops;
Blueprinting and photostating establishments;
Bowling alleys
Bus stations;
Business and professional offices;
Camera and photographic supply stores;
Carpet and rug stores;
China and glassware stores;
Contractor's offices;
Department stores;
Dry cleaning establishments;
Drygoods stores;
Electrical contractors;
Electronic parts and supplies;
Florist shops;
Food stores, including grocery stores, meat markets, bakeries, and delicatessens;
Fraternal and service clubs;
Furniture repair and restoration shop;
Furniture stores;
Furrier shops, including the incidental storage and conditioning of furs;
Gasoline service stations;
Gift shops;
Glass and mirror sales and service;
Government buildings;
Handcrafts, ceramics, pottery and art materials and supplies shops;
Hardware stores;
Hobby shops;
Hospitals, sanitariums, rest homes, and nursing homes, provided that parking is provided in accordance with Section 42-553;
Hotels and motels, provided that parking is provided at one-half the number of off-street parking spaces required under section 42-553;
Interior decorating shops, including upholstering, making of draperies, slipcovers and other similar articles which are conducted as a part of, and secondary to, a retail operation;
Jewelry stores;
Leather goods and luggage stores;
Mail-order houses;
Massage therapy;
Mechanical contractors;
Medical and dental clinics, and guidance centers;
Mortuaries and funeral homes; including crematories, provided that such facility is completely enclosed and that no odor or noise is discernible outside the structure;
Music stores and musical instrument sales;
Newspaper offices and printing;
Office equipment and supply;
Optical sales;
Package liquor stores;
Paint and wallpaper stores;
Pest control and exterminators;
Pet grooming shops;
Pet stores;
Physical and health services such as private gymnasiums and reducing salons;
Printing plant;
Private parking garages and lots;
Public parking garages and lots;
Public utility uses including substations and ambulance services;
Radio and television broadcasting stations;
Radio and television repair shops;
Recording studios;
Residential dwellings, accessory to and located above or below the ground floor of another principal use.
Restaurants with or without the sale of alcoholic beverages, but no drive-in establishments;
Restricted production and repair limited to the following:alteration and custom tailoring of clothing for retail sale only; jewelry from precious metal; watches; dentures; optical lenses; and other similar activities;
Schools: music, dance or business;
Self-service laundry and dry cleaning establishments;
Shoe repair shops;
Sporting goods stores;
Tailor shops;
Telephone exchanges and telephone transmission equipment structures;
Theaters, indoor only;
Travel bureaus and transportation ticket offices;
Variety stores;
YMCA, YWCA, and other similar organizations;
Any use not specifically listed as a permitted use, if the zoning administrator determines under Section 42-596(a) that the characteristics or specific attributes of the use are sufficiently in common with a permitted use;
Accessory and temporary uses, as permitted by Article VI of this chapter,
Accessory off-street parking and loading, as required by Article XI of this chapter;
Signs, as permitted by Article X of this Chapter.

Section 2. The existing Salina Code Section 42-302 is repealed.

Section 3. Summary of ordinance for publication. This ordinance shall be published by the following summary:

Ordinance No. 16-10842 Summary

On July 11, 2016, the City of Salina, Kansas, passed Ordinance No. 16-10842. The ordinance amends Salina Code Section 42-302 pertaining to the list of permitted uses in the C-4 (Central Business) district by requiring hotels and motels located in the C-4 district to provide off-street parking at one-half the ration of hotels and motels located in other zoning districts. A complete copy of the ordinance is available at or in the office of the city clerk, 300 W. Ash Street, free of charge. This summary is certified by the city attorney.

Section 4. Effective Date. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption and publication by summary once in the official city newspaper.

Introduced: June 27, 2016
Passed: July 11, 2016

Karl F. Ryan, Vice-Mayor



Shandi Wicks, CMC, City Clerk