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8/4/2015 - Resolution No. 15-7266 Dangerous Structure 515 inez


    BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing Body of the City of Salina, Kansas:

    Section 1. The Governing Body finds that the following structure (the “Structure”) is unsafe and dangerous, and that such conditions endanger the life, health, property or safety of the public or the occupants:

Single-family dwelling at 515 Inez Avenue, Salina, Kansas.

    Section 2. The owner is directed to repair or remove the Structures, and to make the premises safe and secure. Such work shall be commenced by August 4, 2015 and shall be diligently prosecuted so as to allow for substantial completion of all work no later than September 1, 2015.
    Section 3.  If the owner fails to commence the repair or removal, or to diligently prosecute the work until the work is substantially completed, all within the times stated, the Governing Body will cause the Structures to be razed and removed.  

    Section 4. The City Clerk shall publish this resolution one (1) time in the official city newspaper and shall mail, by certified mail, copies of the resolution to each owner, agent, lienholder of record and any occupant of the Structure within three (3) days after its publication.

    Adopted by the Board of Commissioners this 3rd day of August, 2015.  

Jon R. Blanchard, Mayor


Shandi Wicks, CMC, City Clerk