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7/1/2014 - Completion of Bill Burke Park Severe Weather Egress Project

Wayne Nelson, P.E.
Pproject Engineer
(785) 309-5725


On June 5, 2014, Davis Concrete Construction completed the Bill Burke Park Severe Weather Egress project.

Bill Burke Park on East Crawford is one of Salina’s busiest parks. The location is bordered by the Smoky Hill River, Indian Rock Park, and the flood control levee. These physical constraints limit the ingress/egress to a single point at Crawford. When approaching severe weather warrants suspension of activity, the only exit to the park becomes a problem for a quick departure.

City staff developed a plan that would allow for more expeditious egress from the facility in severe weather situations. The proposed plan had two main components.  The first involved the installation of a weather alert system that provides timely, live updates. This system would activate an actual siren that is mounted in Bill Burke Park in the event of severe weather approaching the facility. This would be a signal to seek shelter and/or evacuate the facility. The second component of the plan included the building of an emergency access road that goes over the flood control levee and will allow vehicles to exit the park onto Arlington Drive and Indiana Avenue. This exit will only be used during designated emergencies. As an added benefit, this path will also serve as a hike and bike trail and will provide a connecting path to the Indian Rock trail and levee trail system.