Proposed STAR Bond, Tax Increment Financing & Community Improvement District Documents

City Commission Study Session-November 5, 2018

STAR Bond Issuance Study Session Presentation

City Commission Meeting Packet-November 1, 2018

Hotel and Motel Transient Guest Tax Agreement Amendment (Chamber of Commerce)

Issuance of Special Obligation Revenue Bonds

Development Agreement Amendment (Salina2020, Inc.) (Revised)

Transferee Agreement Amendment (Lighthouse Properties III, Inc.) (revised)

City Commission Study Session-October 9, 2017

City Commission Study Session Memo

Downtown Streetscape Improvements

City Commission Meeting Packet-January 17, 2017

Staff Report

Staff PowerPoint Presentation

STAR Bond Project Plan

Final Development Strategies STAR Bond Revenue Study 10/30/18

Draft Development Strategies STAR Bond Revenue Study

Development Agreement

Supplemental Agreement

Bond Sizing Memo and Scenarios

Risk Factors for City Credit Report

Minutes of 9/9/16 Public Hearing

STAR Bond, TIF and IRB Action Items

Sources and Uses

Proposed Star Bond Project Proposed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Project
Resolution Resolution
Map and Legal Description Map and Legal Description
Project Plan Project Plan
Feasibility Study  
Proposed STAR Bond & Tax Increment Financing Project Plan (STAR Bond & TIF documents combined)  
Community Improvement Districts (CID) Project
8-26-26 Staff Report Setting Public Hearing
Downtown CID Petition
Downtown CID Map and Legal Description
Downtown CID Signatory Map
Downtown CID Resolution 16-7395
Alley CID Petition
Alley CID Map and Legal Description
 Alley CID Resolution 16-7396
 Hotel CID Petition
 Hotel CID Map and Legal Description
 Hotel CID Resolution
 City of Salina CID Policy
 STAR Bond Plan Excerpts