Smoky Hill River Renewal Master Plan

In December 2009, the City Commission authorized Design Studios West and Wright Water Engineers to complete the Phase 2 – Old River Channel Master Plan. The purpose of the Master Plan is to identify appropriate planning, design and preliminary engineering responses to specific opportunities associated with the restoration and redevelopment of the Old River Channel of the Smoky Hill River. Open community meetings were held to allow the public to offer their opinions and ideas on how the Master Plan could best address the variety of public and private improvements. The Master Plan identifies specific improvements, their locations, general costs, potential funding sources, recommended phasing, and operation and maintenance costs. A Technical Advisory Committee and Master Plan Advisory Committee were created to provide input to the consultants. The Technical Advisory Committee provided advisory oversight related to the technical regulations and policies related to the Master Plan project area. The Master Plan Advisory Committee provided advisory oversight to ensure consistency in direction so that the community’s desires were followed.

In August 2010, the City Commission accepted the Smoky Hill River Renewal Master Plan, dated August 2010, as drafted by Design Studios West, Inc. and Wright Water Engineers, Inc.

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