Repair and Replacement Responsibilities

Sidewalk repair or replacement is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. When a sidewalk that is in need of repair or replacement is reported by a citizen, the construction coordinator goes to the location and inspects the area of concern. Sidewalks that are inadequate or unsafe to travel requiring condemnation and reconstruction exhibit one or more of the following issues:

  • Panels are uneven with 1” or greater elevation difference 
  • Panel cross-slope is ½” per foot or greater elevation from adjacent panel; cross-slope is the difference in elevation between street side and property side of the panel
  • Adjacent panels have settled creating a low spot which retains water or ice
  • Panel joint has separated creating a 1½” or greater gap between adjacent panel
  • Panel surface is 33 percent or greater loose or broken  

If the sidewalk is deemed to be inadequate or unsafe, a “Notice to Repair Sidewalk” letter is mailed to the abutting property owner. The property owner has 5 working days to respond to the letter. If the property owner does not make repairs within 30 calendar days, a “Second & Final Notice” letter is mailed via certified mail, return receipt requested. The property owner has a maximum of 30 days from date of the receipt of the second notice to make repairs to the sidewalk.   

The abutting property owner may make arrangements for a contractor to repair the sidewalk. The contractor must have a current Class A, B, C or right of way Concrete Specialty License through the City Clerk’s office. The contractor must also purchase a permit from the Department of Public Works and have the repair work inspected by staff.

If the sidewalk is not repaired by the abutting property owner within the time specified, Public Works staff will make arrangements for the repairs to be made. After the work is completed, the City Clerk’s office will invoice the property owner for the repairs plus an administrative fee. If the property owner does not pay the entire invoiced amount, the unpaid balance will be assessed to the property owner’s taxes through the Register of Deeds office. Any unpaid sidewalk repairs forwarded to the Register of Deeds after July 31 will be assessed to the next year’s taxes.

The procedures for the construction, reconstruction and repair of sidewalks are authorized by City of Salina Codes Sec. 35-137 through Sec. 35-140.

If citizens would like to report a sidewalk concern, they should contact the Department of Public Works at (785) 309-5725.