Construction Documents

The Engineering Work Group’s standards and specifications are updated from time-to-time to reflect changes in City policy, engineering practices and construction methods. These standards and specifications apply not only to City projects but also to privately funded projects permitted by the City on City right-of-way.

Prior to implementation of updated standards, contractors will have 90 days to review the specifications and offer feedback. Following the 90 day review period, outdated standards and specifications will be removed from the City’s website.

For privately funded City permitted projects, contractors will have the option to use the updated standards and specifications before the 90 day review period or use the standards and specifications in effect at that time. A development forum will be scheduled at the end of the 90 day review period to discuss comments received. For publicly funded City sponsored projects, the most up-to-date standards and specifications will be included in the bidding documents regardless of the 90 day review period. 

Questions and comments concerning City of Salina standards and specifications should be directed to the Engineering Work Group at (785) 309-5725.

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Relevant Municipal Code Section Chapter 24 Nuisances: Illicit Discharge and Erosion Control

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