Public Streets

Streets crews repair and maintain the City’s streets, gravel roads and alleys in a variety of ways, including asphalt and concrete replacement, pothole repair, right-of-way mowing, road and bridge maintenance, snow plowing and street sweeping. Staff consists of one superintendent, two foremen, 24 full-time and two seasonal employees.

The City of Salina has approximately:

  • 746 lane miles of streets
  • 21 vehicle bridges
  • Six pedestrian bridges

About 419 lane miles (56 percent) of Salina's streets are asphalt, 283 lane miles (38 percent) are concrete, 23 lane miles (three percent) are brick and 14 lane miles (two percent) are unimproved. There are seven miles of roadway in our parks and about 11 miles of private roads.            

Potholes & Street Repair

Potholes are a major problem in all Midwestern cities, including Salina. The freeze-thaw cycles, which usually occur in late winter, can cause extreme stress to pavement. Snow and ice melts during the day and settles into cracks and holes in the pavement, then refreezes with the onset of colder nighttime temperatures. The ice exerts tremendous force great enough to fracture concrete and asphalt, causing potholes to form. Although most potholes form in late winter and early spring, City crews repair potholes year-round.

Streets crews also regularly replace badly damaged sections of asphalt and concrete. They are prioritized to correct the most serious deficiencies first based on three primary factors:

  • Public safety
  • Effective stormwater control
  • Other previously scheduled repairs

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