Police Department Honor Guard

The Salina Police Department Honor Guard was created to honor a fallen police officer whether in the line of duty or passing due to other causes. The Honor Guard's primary duty is to represent solidarity and pay respect for the fallen brother or sister. This assures that a fallen police officer is laid to rest with the honor and dignity deserved of only the nation's bravest heroes. The Salina Police Department Honor Guard can also be requested to attend events for the posting of national colors or for parades. 

The Salina Police Department Honor Guard is comprised of eight personnel who volunteer to undergo hours of drill and ceremony practice. All of the Honor Guard's movements and functions are based on military drills.

 The Honor Guard functions include:

  • Standing guard over a fallen officer during times of viewing.
  • Greeting before and after a funeral.
  • Escort the officer to their final resting place.
  • Assure the flag is properly presented to the officer’s next of kin.
  • Posting of national colors at events.

If you would like the Salina Police Department Honor Guard to present the colors at an event, or assist in the funeral of a retired Police Officer, please email Sgt Chad McCary or call (785) 826-7210.