Court Docket Schedule

8:30  BIP (1st Tuesday only) 
9:00  Criminal First Appearances (last name A-M) 
10:30  Criminal First Appearances (last name N-Z) 
11:00  Appearances of Fail To Appear/Fail to Pay Warrants
1:30  Traffic First Appearances (last name A-M)
3:00  Traffic First Appearances (last name N-Z)
3:30  Video Appearances for Probation Violation Motions
9:00 Indigent Counsel (1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesdays) 
10:00 Motions and Scheduling for Private Counsel and Pro Se Defendants
11:00 Probation Violations
1:30 Pre-trials
3:00  Trials
 8:00  Follow-up Fines
8:15 Walk-In (first 25 cases are heard)
9:30 Video Appearances
1:30 Pre-trials
3:00 Trials
9:00 Pro Se Traffic Trials (3rd Friday)