Capital Improvements Program

The City of Salina establishes a five-year Capital Improvement Program (C.I.P.) to guide decision making on public improvements and expenditures.  The C.I.P. and the Shared Vision Statement and Strategic Plan provide mechanisms for scheduling public physical improvements over a number of years.  It establishes the City's priorities for public projects based on available financial resources and project criteria.  The C.I.P. is updated annually following analysis of year-end financial reports, and prior to the adoption of the City's annual operating budget (generally by April 10 of each year). 

A portion of the City's annual budgeted revenues are used for cash capital investments.  Mill levy proceeds, sales taxes, user fees or other local revenues may be dedicated for capital improvements.  Physical assets are maintained at a level adequate to protect its capital investment and to minimize future maintenance and replacement costs.  The C.I.P. and budget provides for major renovation and orderly replacement of buildings, facilities and equipment from current revenues where possible.  The program also includes an appropriate reserves for contingencies for approved projects. 

2019-2023 C.I.P