Downtown Arts and Entertainment Ordinance

The scope of work for the Downtown Arts and Entertainment Ordinance includes developing a revised set of City codes and associated policies and procedures necessary to help Downtown Salina be an active and engaging place. Staff and stakeholders working in downtown have found a growing urgency to address increased flexibility and availability of public spaces in order to create a sense of place and a vibrant core within the community. The revised code and policy changes are being developed in close partnership with the various stakeholders located in, around, and affected by downtown.

Project Objectives

 The revised code, policy and procedure will:

  • Resolve conflicting code issues.
  • Streamline the process.
  • Make understanding the requirements easier.
  • Ensure the code is dynamic and accommodating of new and creative ideas.

Public Involvement & Stakeholder Participation Plan

Public involvement and stakeholder participation is critical to the success of any project. With each project we look at the unique characteristics and tasks associated with the project to form a plan that will best works to meet the needs of stakeholders and the project's objectives. Central to this project is the formation and work of a Stakeholder Committee. Because the rules, policies and procedures of downtown affect the business, organizations and venues directly, having an understanding and clear feedback from those most affected is critical for development and implementation of the new rules, policies and procedure.  In addition to the Stakeholder Committee's work, public meetings and review and comments by various boards and commission have been identified as additional public involvement opportunities.


Project Notification:

To receive email notifications about this project, please visit the City's e-mail notification page.  Check the box next to "Downtown Arts and Entertainment Ordinance" and then click the button marked "join" at the bottom of the page to get signed- up. You will then receive notice by email when new information has been added to this page or new documents are available.

Stakeholder Committee:

This committee meets with staff for nine core meetings that cover the main sections of applicable code. The Stakeholder Committee represents over 20 entities and is made up of over 35 people.  In order to be efficient with the Committees time, there are 23 days between each meetings and the schedule for meeting topics have been predetermined. Each meeting is 2 hours long. Before each meeting the committee members take a survey to provide feedback to staff that is used to direct research specific to those topics. That research is then shared with the committee during its meetings, members provide feedback on how those rules and topics should apply in Salina and that in turn helps staff draft the new code. The 23 days allows staff to send the survey, get the results, meet as a project team to share their research, approve the agenda for the upcoming meeting and wrap anything up from the previous meetings.  

The Stakeholder Committee meetings will be advertised in the newspaper and the general public is welcome to attend. Meeting materials and other documents related to the meeting will be posted on the webpage.  All meeting with be in the large conference room (Community Room) on the second floor of the Smoky Hill Museum. The entrance door is on the west side of the building. Meetings are from 6-8 p.m. on the dates advertised.

The General Public:

Two public meetings are scheduled for this project; 3/20/19 and  10/16/19.

    • 3/20/19
    • Chamber Annex, 5-6 pm
    • This meeting takes place at the beginning of the project, allowing feedback from the public for the Stakeholder Committee to consider as they work through the process. This meeting is being facilitated as an open house; there will be no formal presentation. Attendees can come and go as they please.  Informational tables, staff and members of the Stakeholder Committee will be set-up around the room to provide additional information regarding the project and take comments from attendees. 
    • 10/16/19
    • TBA
    • This meeting takes place towards the end of the project, allowing feedback from the public on the draft code that is produced as a result of the Stakeholder Committee's work. This meeting is being facilitated as an open house; there will be no formal presentation. Attendees can come and go as they please.  Informational tables, staff, and members of the Stakeholder Committee will be set-up around the room to provide additional information regarding the project and take comments from attendees. 

Boards and Commissions:

Because the subject of downtown interacts with so many elements within the community the draft code, policies and procedures produced by the project will go in front of eight boards and commissions for feedback and review before going to the City Commision for final adoption. The boards and commissions identified for review include:

  • Convention and Tourism Committee
  • Design Review Board
  • Heritage Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Arts and Humanities Commission
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Community Art and Design Advisory Committee
  • Salina Community Economic Development Organization

The City Commission is tentatively scheduled to have the final draft available for review and approval on 12/2/19 (first reading) and 12/9/19 (second reading).

Project Documents

Below you will find various documents associated with the project. New documents will be added throughout the project.

General Project Documents:

3/13/19 Stakeholder Committee Meeting #1 - Project Kick Off:

3/4/19 Stakeholder Committee Meeting #2: Activity V. Location Permitting Method

  • Agenda
  • Survey ResultsRespondents are the stakeholder committee members and the survey is taken prior to each stakeholder committee meeting.   The survey questions are based on the subject of the upcoming meeting.
    • The intent behind this survey was to give staff some perspective on places and attributes the committee like and dislike about downtowns in general.  This allows staff to start researching examples for this and future meetings.  This survey also helps staff to share images about different uses and locations in a "typical"downtown. Asking the committee to look at these pictures and provide feedback begins the conversation preliminarily around the meeting topic of location V. activity permitting.

    • The survey results were kept in an MS Excel version because they are much easier to read that way. If you have an issue with Excel please contact City Staff and we can provide the info in a different way.  There are tabs along the bottom of the Excel workbook to help you move between different questions and the corresponding results.  Question 1 about downtowns that committee members have found inspiring. From the results of Questions 1, staff created a word cloud.  A word cloud is a visual representation of the number of times a word is mentioned in a group/list of text. The more often something is mentioned, the bigger the text and the more centrally located it is in the word cloud. Question 2 is about the different reasons committee members “like” a downtown.  At the bottom of that worksheet you will see a simple tabulation of what are the highest ranking “likes” are. Question 3 is tab 3. Lastly all of the picture questions are tab 4. There you will be able to see the pictures and the corresponding feedback underneath each picture.

    • Question #1's Word Cloud

4/24/19 Stakeholder Committee Meeting #3: Mobile Vendors

5/15/19 Stakeholder Committee Meeting #4: Alcohol

6/26/19 Stakeholder Committee Meeting #5: Public V. Private Spaces

7/17/19 Stakeholder Committee Meeting #6: Aesthetics

For questions or comments please contact Lauren Driscoll, Director of Community and Development Services at:


(785) 309-5715