Salina Community Relations Department

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“Our Mission is to eliminate discrimination and to establish equality and justice for all persons within the City of Salina through civil rights enforcement, advocacy and education.”

The Salina Human Relations Commission/Salina Community Relations Department is a civil rights enforcement agency. The Commission investigates complaints from people alleging they have been discriminated against in employment (age 40-70), housing, or public accommodations because of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, or disability.  In addition, housing also protects people who feel they have been discriminated against because they have children.

 Chapter 13, Article II of the Code of the City of Salina, Kansas, as amended, authorizes the Community Relations Department and the Human Relations Commission to receive, investigate, and attempt to conciliate complaints alleging discrimination, segregation, or separation in employment, public accommodation or housing within the city limits. Chapter 13 also gives authority to investigate cases and, if needed to subpoena information. We are also charged with providing training around all civil rights laws to reduce discrimination through knowledge of the law.

Enforcement information:
The goal of the department is to conduct a thorough and objective investigation and to assume an impartial role throughout the investigation.   The purpose of the investigation is to:
•    Obtain all important facts and information from all parties and sources.
•    Gather facts and information to demonstrate in the determination whether there is probable cause to assume a violation has or has not occurred.
•    Throughout the investigation, attempt to negotiate a conciliation agreement to resolve the issue.

The Community Relations Department provides the following services FREE of charge:
•    Consultation on civil rights protections to employers, employees, unions, educational institutions, municipalities, civic groups, tenants, landlords and organizations.
•    Assistance in filing discrimination complaints for employment, public accommodations and housing.  Assistance with landlord/tenant concerns.
•    Sample forms and information regarding civil rights issues.
•    Training, including:
          * Fair Housing
          * Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
             (Section 504 training)
          * Diversity/Cultural Awareness
          * Disability Sensitivity
          * ADA Access Review

Contact Information

City/County Building
300 W. Ash Street
Room 101
P. O. Box 736
Salina, Kansas 67402-0736

Phone: (785) 309-5745
Fax: (785) 309-5769
TTD: (785) 309-5747

Office Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

File a Discrimination Complaint

To file a discrimination complaint, please complete the online form here, or visit the office in during business hours to complete the form in person.