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5/15/2014 - Human Relations Department Renamed to Community Relations

Contact: Gina McDonald,
Community Relations Director

Human Relations Department Renamed to Community Relations

The City of Salina is proud to announce that on May 11, 2014 the Human Relations Department updated its name to the Community Relations Department. The name change signifies the expansion of the purpose of the department to include engaging community members in dialogue to receive input and feedback about city services. 

Community Relations will develop a variety of methods to receive information from citizens in a manner that is comfortable and accessible to you.  Staff will be scheduling meetings, target and focus groups, as well as looking at new social media opportunities for people to give ideas and suggestions.

The City is in the process of hiring a Community Engagement Coordinator who will focus on listening to community members and creating various methods to capture good ideas. This position will work with all City Departments to assist with marketing and providing information to the public about the activities of the City of Salina.

The Community Relations Department will continue to provide training and information through our website on Civil Rights, landlord and tenant information, employment and public accommodations resources. 

The department will also continue to accept complaints from individuals who believe they have experienced discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.