Emergency Accident Reporting

The Department’s "Emergency Accident Reporting Plan", may be implemented when, due to severe weather and/or hazardous driving conditions, the number of motor vehicle accidents occurring in the city exceed the department’s ability to respond in a timely manner. Any non-hit and run, non-personal injury motor vehicle accident which does NOT require towing, and does not involve alcohol or drugs, is eligible under the plan. An Emergency Accident Report form may be obtained from the Salina Police Department or you can print it at your convenience from your home. Click here to print.

Emergency Accident Reports submitted under the "Emergency Accident Reporting Plan" are for insurance information only and no follow-up investigation will be conducted. It is the involved drivers’ responsibility to obtain and record all information necessary for the report.

Fill out the report form as completely as possible (according to the instructions on the form) and mail or deliver the completed form to the Salina Police Department at 255 N 10th St, PO Box 1154, Salina, KS 67402, within 48 hours of the occurrence of the accident.