Drug Information Reporting Form

If you have information regarding drug activity occurring in Salina please use this form to tell us about it. Thank you for your cooperation in giving us this information.  We appreciate your concern and effort to make your community a better place. The reason we created this form is to ensure that we can get as much information as possible.  Try to answer as much as you're able to answer and please answer only what you're certain of.

All information you provide will be held in strict confidence.

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Security at this location
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Such as, who else is living at the residence that is actively involved in dealing narcotics; who else is living in the residence; who are the people purchasing the drugs and any other people we may contact.
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DISCLAIMER: Our site allows you to provide information about drug use or production anonymously. The Drug Task Force and its member agencies will determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not it will investigate any such reports. Information provided anonymously may be shared among the member agencies of the Task Force or with other public agencies. Any information you provide will be used only to respond to you or to investigate a possible crime.