Training & Community Relations

Sgt. Timothy Brown leads the Training Unit at Salina Police Department.

The Training Unit is committed to providing our agency with a structured program of coordinating both local and outside training to department personnel and facilitating community training programs.  Sworn officer are mandated by the Kansas Peace Officers’ Standards & Training (KSCPOST) and the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) to complete a minimum 40 certified hours of training each year. 

New officers attend a 14 week academy at KLETC or a week long Reciprocity class for previously certified officers.   Our partnership with KLETC has made the process of training officers a simple endeavor;  whether a newly sworn officer or a veteran officer seeking continuing training.  After graduating from KLETC, recruits attend two weeks of Post Academy classes within the department to prepare them for a 15 week Field Training Program.  Training is at the core of any officer committed to serving their community. 

The Training Unit also coordinates the department’s College Student Intern Program, management of the School Resource Officer program, and the annual Citizen’s Police Academy and Advanced Citizen’s Police Academy.  

It is the goal of the Training Unit to streamline the overall training process; making it easier to organize and provide quality training to not only the employees of the department but community wide.