Records Unit

The Records Unit is the central repository of all official department generated reports and statistics. Its primary focus is to ensure the integrity of the department's reporting system and to maintain reports in a variety of informational systems to be retrieved as needed.

Police Support Supervisor Angela Fuller, is responsible for the management of the unit, including supervision of six full-time support specialists.

The Records Unit maintains custodial control of all official police reports, both criminal and noncriminal in nature, as well as all traffic related reports to include motor vehicle accidents and traffic citations filed with the department 24 hours per day.

The crime analyst is responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting crime statistical data in order to identify crime trends. The information the crime analyst provides assists the police command staff in developing effective proactive measures to combat crime in the city.

The unit provides support and numerous services to police officers, the public and outside agencies. Included in their record keeping responsibilities are the recording and dissemination of all criminal background checks. Records personnel are assigned the daily sorting and distribution of all incoming and outgoing mail, including inter-departmental mail. Multiple requests received from insurance companies, attorneys and the general public for copies of reports are processed on a daily basis.

The unit maintains quality control of all the written police reports received from the officers. This includes reviewing all reports for accuracy. Criminal reports are entered into a records management computer system to meet statistical reporting standards as mandated by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. 

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