Special Weapons & Tactics Team

The Mission of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is to support the Salina Police Department with any high-risk operation that requires special skills or equipment and goes beyond the standard patrol response capability.

Examples of situations that, by their potentially violent and/or specialized nature, indicate the need for SWAT mobilization include:

  • Armed suspect(s) with hostages
  • Barricaded gunman or suspected barricaded gunman
  • Service of search warrants on violent or potentially violent suspect(s)
  • Arrest of violent or potentially violent suspect(s)

The SWAT Team is made up 12 operators, five Crisis Negotiators, and one commander, Capt. Gary Hanus. Each of these of officers have undergone intensive, specialized training, including rigorous qualifications and train 16 hours a month. They are highly qualified to respond to high risk, dangerous situations that necessitate more than a routine police response. The SWAT Team is called upon at various times to serve high-risk search and arrest warrants, and to deal with armed and barricaded suspects.

Our team also consists of three tactical medics which the Salina Fire Department graciously provides. These medics accompany our team on all call outs and participate in many training exercises.
Because the team uses highly sophisticated equipment, ranging from armored vehicles, less than lethal options, chemical munitions and specialized communication devices, the SWAT Team is ready and able to handle the most extreme law enforcement situations. Team members are a very dedicated and professional group of police officers who have made a total commitment to protecting the citizens of Salina.