K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is lead by Sgt. Brent Rupert. The department has two K-9 Units that are available to assist patrol officers around the clock. The units are allowed 16 hours per month for maintenance training to ensure the K-9's proficiency, and they are trained to do the following: 

  • Located and indicate six illegal drug odors
  • Search buildings and other areas for unauthorized persons
  • Track criminals and search for lost people
  • Search for evidence dropped by criminals in flight
  • Apprehend criminals that have committed serious crimes with minimum force
  • Protect the handler during a physical altercation

    Police K-9's that are properly trained and handled, provide invaluable assistance to field officers in the detection of crime and apprehension of suspects.
    Our K-9 Unit obtains yearly certifications.  Groups that are interested in a K-9 demonstration should contact Sgt. Brent Rupert.


    K-9 Officers                                                                                

    • Off. Michael Baker (Karma)
    • Off. Carlos Londono (Bennie)

    2015 Police K-9 Unit Activities

    •   13  Suspects tracked
    •     7  Buildings searched 
    •     7  Evidence searches
    • 112  Drug searches
    • 139  Total Deployments

    Drugs Located

    • 111 drug paraphernalia items
    • 22.1 pounds methamphetamine
    • 215 grams of marijuana