Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is comprised of five officers, a community service technician and a sergeant. The unit utilizes three Harley Davidson motorcycles, a specially equipped Nissan Versa (for downtown parking control) and specially marked patrol vehicles which have moving & stationary radar, video cameras, and other specialized equipment.

Traffic Unit Officers

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The Traffic Unit is responsible for monitoring and soliciting citizen cooperation in complying with state and city motor vehicle laws. The focus of their duties is to target hazardous moving violations (speeding, running red lights, careless driving, etc.) and to strictly enforce driving under the influence (DUI) violations in an effort to improve the overall quality of life for our citizens while traveling Salina's roadways. 

Accident Investigation

All accidents that occur within the city limits are to be reported to the Police Department. Officers assigned to an accident call respond to the scene, investigate the accident, and take enforcement action as appropriate. Traffic officers are trained in advanced traffic investigation and traffic accident reconstruction. In 2019, the FARO mapping system was purchased and the Traffic Forensic Mapping Team, consisting of one sergeant and three traffic officers utilize the equipment to forensically map all significant crash scenes.

Motorcycle Officers

Depending on staffing requirements and weather conditions, motorcycles are used throughout the year. Not only are they effective in the enforcement of traffic laws, they can also be deployed to assist in responding to calls-for-service. In addition to their primary responsibilities, motorcycle officers are deployed to many special events. Motorcycles are also used to lead funeral escorts.