At the conclusion of the trial, the judge will reach a verdict based on the city ordinance involved, testimony, and facts presented. If the judge enters a verdict of guilty, the penalty will be announced at the time or after the pre-sentence investigation. Sentencing options are:

  • Jail time may be ordered for certain offenses. All persons sentenced to jail time in Salina Municipal Court are sent to the Saline County Jail.
  • Fines and fees may be assessed and the amount if affected by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine, even if you are found guilty. Aggravating circumstances may increase the fine. Fines for most traffic offenses do not exceed $500 and fines for city ordinance violations generally to not exceed $2,500. If you are found guilty, court costs and other fees are added to the fine amount.
  • Probation is a conditional release granted to a defendant following conviction. During your probation period you will be supervised by a probation officer and will be required to meet certain conditions. If you fail to meet any of those conditions you may be required by the judge to serve jail time and/or pay fines.
  • Community service is a program of supervised work utilizing several community agencies and businesses.
  • Restitution can be court ordered in cases involving financial loss directly related to the crime you are convicted of.