Development Review Team


To encourage and promote safe, quality development and construction in the city of Salina.


At the Tuesday, July 1, 2014 Salina City Planning Commission meeting, Ron Fiscus of PlanScape Partners, representing RibCrib BBQ restaurant, stated:

"We get to see a lot of planning commissions, city councils and city staffs throughout the country. You as a Planning Commission need to know that the process that your staff goes through with the design [development] review team is excellent. It's absolutely the best we've seen. As you are looking at development in Salina, you need to know your staff is well-equipped for that." 

Horan, T. (2014, July 2). Salina Journal, p. A5.


In an effort to cut through some of the typical red tape that one might expect when obtaining City approval for a commercial development project, the City of Salina formed the Development Review Team (DRT). The DRT is comprised of a cross section of the City’s key staff members that work with development projects on a daily basis. Their mission is to work closely with the project representatives, provide thorough review and feedback of each major project proposed, and to unearth solutions to project issues at the earliest possible stages with the goal of making each project successful.  

The DRT adheres to the City of Salina Commitment to Service Quality (CSQ) by:  

  • Demonstrating appreciation, courtesy and integrity
  • Ensuring open communication and professionalism
  • Providing a value-added development review / inspection process that is the simplest, most user-friendly possible
  • Recognizing the public good, value of public input and openness to new ideas
  • Demonstrating efficiency, reliability and timeliness
  • An accurate and solution-based interpretation of all regulations
  • An approach that is helpful, practical and quality-driven 

The DRT ensures efficient coordination of development services through effective use and coordination of staff time, consistent technical interpretation and quality decision making, which is essential for success.  DRT offers the following services for commercial development projects:

  • Coordinated correspondence for commercial projects. One plan review letter includes comments from all applicable reviewing departments.
  • An initial plan review performance goal of 10 working days resulting in either building permit approval or a plan review letter.
  • A 5 working day plan review performance goal for plans submitted in response to a plan review letter.
  • Quick Problem Resolution (QPR) meetings are used to solve problems encountered throughout the project sequence without stalling the project.  These meetings are typically scheduled within 48 hours of the request and a written resolution is provided within 24 hours of the meeting.  QPR meetings are moderated by the City Manager or Deputy City Manager. 
  • Coordinated Final Inspection with representatives from each department involved in the plan review.
  • DRT staff can also provide development related assistance in areas beyond the typical building permit items.
  • DRT regularly solicits feedback from the development community through surveys and uses the feedback in continuous improvement efforts. DRT tracks survey results to evaluate team performance on several facets including attitude, level of assistance and timeliness or response.

Effective real estate development requires a great degree of accountability and effective communication among all parties.  Exceptional development results from committed teamwork between the development community and City staff.  The DRT is committed to the success of quality development projects for the City of Salina.

When do I need to schedule a meeting? 
A meeting can be scheduled to present a preliminary/conceptual development plan or to present a detailed development plan with supporting documentation (e.g.: site plan, traffic study, drainage study, floor plans).

How do I schedule a DRT meeting? 
The Development Review Team is available to meet with developers, engineers, architects and owners on Wednesday afternoons. To request a meeting contact Krystal Norris, Development Coordinator at (785) 309-5715 or

Who needs to come to the meeting?
The developer, property owner, design professional (licensed architect), and/or licensed engineer.

What can I expect to gain from this meeting? 
Meeting with the Development Review Team will allow all parties involved with the development project to ask questions of City staff involved in the development process. There may be issues regarding zoning, infrastructure, and drainage that must be resolved before construction can begin.  The DRT meeting is not designed to answer all of the questions that may arise in an initial meeting.  It will however enable City staff to identify possible red flags and to initiate research to provide answers to questions at a later date.  Staff will prepare and distribute meeting notes to attendees within a week of the meeting. 

Food Service Establishments - Approvals and Licensing:  

Effective January 11, 2010, the Kansas State Department of Agriculture (KSDA) assumed direct management, oversight and enforcement of the food services regulations, including initial document submittal to the State, approvals, inspections and issuance of a license. 

Any preliminary approvals or issuance of building permits or certificates of occupancy, by the City of Salina staff or City departments, will not constitute approval or licensing by the State of Kansas, Department of Agriculture. KSDA approvals must be obtained through direct contact with the KSDA.  Contact the KSDA Food Safety Program offices at 109 SW 9th Street, 3rd Floor, Topeka, KS  66612, phone: 785-296-5600

The Development Review Team consists of representatives from each department/division listed below:

Community and Development Services Department
(785) 309-5715

Lauren Driscoll
Director of Community and Development Services

Krystal Norris
Development Coordinator


Building Services Division
(785) 309-5715

Sean Pilcher
Building Official

Building Code issues, including Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Building permit approval and issuance - The Building Services Division coordinates the permit plan review with all other involved City departments
  • Inspections during the course of construction
  • Coordination of the final inspection process and issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy


Planning & Zoning Division
(785) 309-5715

Dean Andrew
Zoning Administrator

Dustin Herrs

  • Zoning regulations including the process for re-zoning 
  • Plat requirements
  • Primary development areas available
  • Landscaping, parking, lighting
  • Signage


Utilities Department
(785) 309-5725

Martha Tasker
Director of Utilities

  • Water Service Systems
  • Sewer Service Systems
  • Grease Interceptors and cross-connection issues


Fire Department
(785) 826-7340

Troy Long
Fire Marshal

  • Fire safety issues
  • Emergency access issues
  • Fire Code compliance


Engineering Division
(785) 309-5725

Kent Johnson
Civil Engineer

  • Traffic control issues (access, curb cuts, traffic impact)

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