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Department of Public Works
The main office is in the City/County Building, Room #205
(785) 309-5725

The mission of the Department of Public Works is three-fold. It is to participate in the design, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure, provide internal support services for other departments in meeting these same objectives, and to offer solid waste services to our residents.

To accomplish these objectives, the Department has 91 authorized full and part time employees divided into two divisions: General Services - field/shop operations, and Engineering – administrative/technical. Within these two general areas are eight work groups, which are listed below.

Central Garage    (785) 309-5752 
        418 E. Ash Street

   Engineering    (785) 309-5725
        300 W. Ash Street, City/County Building
        Room #205
Flood Control    (785) 309-5750
        412 E. Ash Street
   Household Hazardous Waste    (785) 826-6638
        315 E. Elm Street
   Landfill    (785) 826-7395
        4292 S. Burma Road
Sanitation Collection    (785) 309-5750
        412 E. Ash Street
Streets    (785) 309-5750
        412 E. Ash Street
Traffic Control    (785) 309-5750
        412 E. Ash Street

The Department of Public Works takes pride in the quality of services offered to citizens of Salina and to our internal organizational customers. Employees within the Department of Public Works value the importance of customer service, a commitment to excellence, and professional ethics. They are dedicated to provide the highest level of services at the lowest cost. Currently, the Director of Public Works position is unfilled.

City of Salina

City/County Building
300 W. Ash Street
Salina, KS 67401

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