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City of Salina - Internet Maps

The City of Salina collects and maintains vast amounts of data about the city and it's infrastructure using a computer mapping system called a Geographic Information System (GIS). Our GIS allows us to share a lot of this data through a series of web-based mapping applications. Some of our web mapping applications require you to install a Microsoft plug-in to your browser called Silverlight. 


Google Chrome Users A recent upgrade to Google's Chrome browser disabled the Silverlight plug-in as well as other plug-ins. This was not a mistake and is part of an intentional upgrade path on the part of Google and other web browser creators. These changes will force us to redevelop our property mapping page to conform to the new standards. In the mean time it is possible to re-enable Silverlight in your Chrome browser as detailed here:

Microsoft Support - Enable Silverlight in Chrome .  

 Property Mapping (Requires Silverlight) Help
  New Mapping Site Mapping Help Guide 
Property Mapping Link Help Document
















Although Property Mapping will continue to work using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari for some time, another approach is to use the new link provided below. The page available here has a different look but many of the same capabilities as the existing Property Mapping page. The new page also has the advantage of working on most desktop, laptop, tablet and phone devices. It will be available at least until a new property mapping page can be developed. 

Once the map opens you will see an address search box in the upper-left corner. Begin typing an address in the box and hit enter or pick from the list of choices.

The map is clickable, if you see a property you want information about, click on it. Turn layers on and off using the layer list. There are print, measure, draw as well as other tools available. 

City of Salina Online Map (Silverlight not required)


Please feel free to contact us if you need help or if you have suggestions.


The easiest way is to email me:

City of Salina

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