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City of Salina - Internet Maps

The City of Salina collects and maintains vast amounts of data about the city and it's infrastructure using a computer mapping system called a Geographic Information System (GIS). Our GIS allows us to share a lot of this data through a series of web-based mapping applications. Most of our web mapping applications require you to install a Microsoft plug-in to your browser called Silverlight. If you do not have Silverlight you will be prompted to install it when it is required for the web page.


On this page you fill find links to various web pages that we have developed. Please feel free to contact us if you need help or if you have suggestions.


The easiest way is to email me:


Web Pages for your Desktop or Laptop 


 Property Mapping

 Salina Trails Page

 Property Mapping Help
  New Mapping Site   Mapping Help Guide 
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Web Pages for your Mobile Devices


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Mobile Mapping Page 

Phone Mapping Page 

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City of Salina

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