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Patrol Bureau

Patrol Supervisors

The Patrol Bureau is the backbone of the Department, responsible for all line operations on a 24 hour-a-day basis. The Bureau is commanded by a Police Captain, and is organized into three shifts, each supervised by a Watch Commander.  From traffic control to gathering evidence at the scene of a residential burglary, the Patrol Bureau is our front line unit in the fight against crime.  Officers of the Patrol Bureau are dedicated and committed to serving and protecting the citizens of Salina.

Captain Sweeney

Lt. Bill Cox

Lt. Paul Forrester

Lt. Russ Lamer

Lt. Al Salzman

Lt. Gerald Shaft

Lt. Chris Trocheck


Master Police Officer:  The Salina Police Department established the Master Police Officer (MPO) Program in 2001. The MPO program is a non-traditional form of advancement for career officers. The program serves as a vehicle to (1) encourage and sustain high levels of professional performance of police duties, and (2) recognize and reward those career officers whose performance has identified them as exceptionally skilled.  Officers Irv Augustine, Sean Furbeck, Janet Guerrero, Gary Hanus, Randy Jennings, Lane Mangels, Chad McCary, Andrew Meek, Mike Miller, Arvid Plank, Rande Repp, Brent Rupert, and John Taddiken have achieved MPO status.


Officer Fontanez in a Patrol Car

Bike Patrol:  This unit is very mobile and can operate in areas that are difficult for cars to access.  Bikes allow for:

  • Easy mobility, while maintaining the necessary level of visibility
  • Increased vision, allowing the officers greater awareness
  • Greater public contact in high-pedestrian areas

Bike Patrol is also an integral part of all special events in the city. For example, providing a police presence at the annual River Festival, is part of the unit’s responsibility.

Bears on Patrol

Bears on Patrol:  The Department maintains a supply of "Teddy Bears" that may be given to children whom become victims of traumatic situations. These situations may include, but not be limited to child injury or victimization, injury to a loved one, or some other type of emotional trauma. 

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