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What type of information can I get from the Planning Division?
The Planning Division can provide information on the zoning and permitted uses of properties and development regulations (i.e. building setbacks, allowable lot coverage, and height restrictions) on all industrial, commercial, office and residential properties.  This information is available only for those properties incorporated into the City of Salina. Saline County has zoning jurisdiction for properties located outside the city. 

What is zoning?
Zoning provides the standards and regulations that apply to land use and the location of structures in the city.  These standards and regulations help implement the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Salina, which contains the goals, policies and recommendations of how long term development in the city is to be achieved.  The City of Salina has numerous zoning district classifications and each one has a list of permitted uses and standards for building setbacks, densities,etc.  Please refer to the City of Salina Zoning Ordinance for details on each zoning classification or contact our office (785-309-5720) for assistance.

What is the process to rezone a property?
Rezoning is when the City Commission approves your request to change the zoning classification of a parcel in order to change the use of the property.  There are several steps in the process of rezoning, beginning with the submittal of an application to the Planning Division. The rezoning process generally takes about 6-8 weeks.  A formal pre-application meeting is required for all rezoning requests unless determined otherwise by senior staff.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the rezoning procedures and submittal requirements and assist the applicant in filing complete applications. (click here for more information-"The Zoning Process" pamphlet)

Where can I build a fence on my residential property?
The Zoning Ordinance allows you to build a fence on your property line or any other place on your property.  This does not assume that the sidewalk or curb is where your property line starts.  To accurately determine where your property line is property pins need to be located or the lot needs to be surveyed. 

The maximum height of a fence is 3-feet within the front yard setback.  Beyond that point, towards the rear of your property, the height of the fence can be up to 6-feet in height. If you wish to vary any of these height requirements, you must apply for a height variance.  There is an exception for lots on a corner.  A visibility triangle for traffic safety purposes must be maintained.  More information is available through the Planning Division.
(click here for information-"Fences, Walls, Hedges" pamphlet)

Diagram showing "Maximum Fence Height for a Double Frontage Lot"
Diagram showing "Maximum Fence Height for an Interior Lot"
Diagram showing "Maximum Fence Height for a Corner Lot"

Can I have a storage shed or garage that is not attached to my house on my property?  (click here for information-"Accessory Buildings" handout)

How far away from my property line do I have to be for a shed, covered deck, detached garage or covered porch?  (click here for information-"Residential Zoning Regulations")

How do I obtain a variance?
A variance is a request to vary development standards such as building setbacks in the Zoning Ordinance. At the hearing, you must prove: (1) there are special circumstances applying to the land, building, or use of the subject property that do not apply to other similar properties in the same zoning district, (2) the special circumstances were not created by the applicant, owner, or previous owner of the property, (3) approval of the variance is necessary for the enjoyment of reasonable and substantial property rights and, (4) the variance will not be detrimental to the surrounding properties.  When submitting a variance application, please submit one copy of all required supporting documentation, such as site plans, elevations, etc.

Once approved and any conditions are met, variances stay with the land and do not expire unless stipulated otherwise.  Please refer to our Board of Zoning Appeals information packet as well as Section 42 of the Zoning Ordinance for more detailed information. 


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