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Utilities Department



Mission: To provide safe, reliable and high quality Water and Wastewater Systems with superior service and value. 


Vision:  Setting the Standard for Water and Wastewater Systems Excellence.


The Municipal Utilities Department is composed of the water and wastewater facilities operated by the City of Salina. Utilities Department has fifty-seven (57) employees and is separated into two major divisions, Plant Operations Division (Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant) and Utility Division (Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection).  The Utilities Department is self-supporting from user charges collected from its customers.


Martha Tasker serves as the Director of Utilities.


Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

The WTP staff provides customer service and maintains the WTP; treatment includes: settling, softening, filtration and disinfection process.  The WTP has the capability to treat 20 million gallons per day (mgd) of raw water, 10 mgd from the Smoky Hill River and 10 mgd from the downtown well field (fifteen wells).  The WTP currently treats approximately 5 mgd in the winter and up to 10 mgd in the summer.  Total water treated in 2014 was 2.01 billion gallons; which included 1.00 billion gallons from the Smoky Hill River and 1.01 billion gallons from the Downtown Well Field.  The water is chemically treated to meet or exceed standards of the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Compliance with those standards is assured by extensive testing in both the plant and throughout the complete water distribution system.


The Water Treatment Plant is located at 401 South Fifth Street.


Water Distribution

The Water Distribution staff provides customer service and maintains the Water Distribution System, which consists of 8 elevated water storage tanks on five separate pressure zones, 5 pressure booster pump stations, 332 miles of water main, 4,365 valves, 2,423 fire hydrants and 20,108 water services and meters.


Water Distribution is located at 319 East Elm Street.


Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

The WWTP staff provides customer service and maintains the WWTP; treatment includes:  preliminary screening with grit removal, primary clarification, trickling filters, activated sludge and ultraviolet disinfection.  The WWTP has the capability to treat 7.25 mgd of raw wastewater and currently treats approximately 3.6 mgd.  Total wastewater treated in 2014 was 1.30 billion gallons.  A total of 1,190 tons of biosolids (beneficial byproduct of wastewater treatment) were produced and applied to area farmland for beneficial use.  The wastewater generated by the City is treated to standards specified by the KDHE and discharged to the Smoky Hill River.  A total of 13 industrial users are permitted and monitored to ensure discharge water meets the City’s Industrial Pretreatment requirements.


The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 596 North Marymount Road.


Wastewater Collection

The Wastewater Collection staff provides customer service and maintains the Wastewater Collection System, which consists of 230 miles of sanitary sewer mains, 4,803 manholes and 60 wastewater pump stations.


Wastewater Collection is located at 596 North Marymount Road.


Administration Division

The Administration Division provides customer service, management and support to the Plant Operations and Utility Divisions.


The Administration Division is located in Room 205, City/County Building, 300 W. Ash Street.


City of Salina

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