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What determines if a sidewalk is inadequate or unsafe?

Category: Sidewalks
Sidewalks that are inadequate or unsafe to travel requiring condemnation and reconstruction exhibit one or more of the following issues: a) Panels are uneven with one inch or greater elevation different; b) Pane cross-slope is 1.5" per foot or greater elevation from adjacent panel; cross-slope is the difference in elevation between street side and property side of the panel; c) Adjacent panels have settled creating a low spot which retains water or ice; d) Panel joint has separated creating a 1.5" or greater gap between adjacent panel; e) Panel surface is 33 percent or greater loose or broken. When a sidewalk in need of repair or replacement is reported by a citizen, the construction coordinator goes to the location and inspects the area of concern then works with the property owner to address any deficiencies.
Updated 3/23/2016 10:00 AM
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